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Dear Readers,

I have always been a passionate fan (“passionado” if you will), of cigars, whisky and men’s lifestyle choices whether directly linked to the aforementioned or even further afield, including the pursuit of sartorial elegance.

My employment has included years in the cigar business, where my budding interest was propelled forward to the realms bordering obsessive, whereby my closest of friends urged me to create this site to enable my passion to be shared with others. My love of the subject matter has even won over those who had never even thought of smoking a cigar who now not only do so, but also enjoy sampling single-malt, single-cask whisky now that they have been ‘enlightened’!

I continue to peruse the pages of dedicated publications related to cigars and luxury products for the modern man who wants to enjoy the best of what is on offer because with an ever-changing global marketplace, there are always gripping accounts as to what is the “best” cigar, smoking venue or accessory that will improve your smoking experience. One thing I learned in my employment, was that the customer should not only have been attentively listened to as to identify the need they had in order to find the right solution; but they also had vast experience to divulge themselves. Their own insight as to what did, or did not work for them and how great, or unhelpful they found a product or service, truly helped broaden my understanding of issues that were commonplace or truly unique.

It is with this understanding I hope to welcome you to the world of cigars, whisky and lifestyle choices to relish and experience the great pleasure I have gained in all the above!